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Mohawk Industries is one of the world's largest floor covering manufacturers and distributors and is a leading producer of yarn, ceramic tile, area rugs and bath mats. Headquartered in Calhoun, Georgia, Mohawk designs, manufactures and markets woven and tufted broadloom carpet, area and accent rugs and mats and a variety of hard surface flooring products. The Company provides goods for all significant market segments, distribution channels and price points. Included in Mohawk's family of brands are some of the most popular and prestigious names in the industry: Aladdin, Alexander Smith, American Olean, American Rug Craftsmen, American Weavers, Bigelow, Dal-Tile, Galaxy, Harbinger, Helios, Horizon, Image, Karastan, Lees Carpet, World, WundaWeve, Custom Weave, and Mohawk and Mohawk Home.

Mohawk Industries' 125 year history of excellence is a lasting part of the American floor covering industry. It is a story of innovative ideas and of hard working people who built a company in the 19th century that remains an industry leader today.

Since its inception in 1878, outstanding products have made Mohawk the most recognized carpet brand in history. Mohawk Carpet Mills had its beginning in 1878 when four brothers from the Shuttleworth family brought 14 second hand looms from England to Amsterdam, New York. By 1908, the fledging firm introduced a new carpet, Karnak, and its success was instant and phenomenal. Flooded with orders, the Company's weavers worked four to five years without changing either the color or the pattern on their looms.

In 1920, the Shuttleworth Brothers Company merged with the nearby firm of McCleary, Wallin and Crouse to form Mohawk Carpet Mills, Inc. The corporate name was derived from the Mohawk River Valley in upstate New York where the city of Amsterdam was located. Even in the 1920s, mergers were strategic and designed to give the resulting company a competitive edge. The new Mohawk firm became the only mill in the United States to produce all domestic weaves of carpet: Wilton, Axminster, Velvet and Chenille.

Toward the close of the 1930s, Mohawk introduced Shuttlepoint, the first high and low loop textured design; Raleigh, the first sculptured effect in carpet; and Grosvenor, which by 1950 bypassed Karnak as the all-time Mohawk best-seller.

The 1950s became a period of expansion for Mohawk. The Company moved south, constructing manufacturing facilities in Mississippi and South Carolina. In 1951, Walt Disney Studios designed "Tommy," one of the most identifiable and effective company mascots in the history of American business. The "Tommy Mohawk" character was created for a series of animated television commercials with titles such as Tommy Tests Carpets, Tommy Plants Carpet Seeds, Tommy Falls for Minnie and others.

The 50's became a period of expansion for Mohawk. Manufacturing facilities in Mississippi and South Carolina were constructed. In January of 1956, Mohawk Carpet Mills, Inc. and Alexander Smith, Inc. merged to form Mohasco Industries becoming the largest carpet manufacturer in the world.

In 1956, Mohawk and Alexander Smith, Inc. merged to form Mohasco Industries, at that time the largest carpet manufacturer in the world. Alexander Smith & Sons Carpet Company had a proud heritage dating to 1845 in West Farms, New York. The company's innovations in Axminster, Moquett and Tapestry weaving made carpeting an affordable purchase for the middle class.