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Lemco design was started in the late 1950's with the sole purpose of becoming a bid house for commercial floor coverings in schools, churches, and other institutions. As time went on there became a demand to grow into the residential market, and in the mid1980's Lemco began to shift gears and cater to residential remodels, and new home construction.

In 1999 Lemco made it's greatest surge into Retail sales by expanding into a beautiful new building, with a large showroom and a wonderful selection of carpet, wood flooring, tile, stone, and blinds. Currently Lemco has a sales staff of 10 people specializing in commercial contract work as well as retail sales.

Lemco has always had the reputation of great pricing and wonderful customer service. "Word of mouth" has always attracted much of their customer base and there has never been a need for costly advertising, thus keeping prices lower for the general public. we would like to thank our customers for the last 50 years of business and we look forward to the next 50. Please feel free to Contact Us to find out more.


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